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“Mir Care Consultants are wonderful.  MCC helped me during a family crisis.  they were referred to me by a New York Life agent who had worked with them.   My goal was simple, but tough – a parent had died and I needed to determine how to proceed.  I hired Mir to analyze my crisis and to give me steps to follow towards success.  Their consultation was well worth the cost.  The staff (Lina and Stephanie) were professional and thoughtful  the results of the consultation were tailored to the needs of my family which I appreciated.  I got started working on my list with renewed confidence.  Thank you big time for helping me, Team Mir.”

“The whole team at Mir Care Consultants have been wonderful.  I hired Lina and Stephanie to help me with my elderly Mom.  We were new to the area when we moved here and they have been extremely helpful.  They helped find a companion for her,  a nurse when she needed acute medical care at  home, and a new place to live when it seemed like a retirement community would be beneficial.  When I recently was away, Stephanie was readily available to assist my Mom.  I am an elder care lawyer, and Stephanie’s and Lina’s assistance with my Mom has been incredible!  I highly recommend Stephanie and Lina and Mir Care Consultants for anyone looking for assistance with an elderly family member.”

“We were in crisis.  My sister, who has a number of special needs, was seen several times wandering in the middle of the street, endangering herself and others.  Despite the efforts of medical and social health care workers, who n the past helped her with doctor appointments and prescription reminders, my sister, now confused and isolated would not answer calls or in-person visits. I’ve been bedridden for months and couldn’t physically intervene!  The situation called for special assistance.  On recommendation from a trusted source, I contacted Mir Consultants who were able to intervene immediately.  Not only id the Mir team, in this case , Lina and Stephanie, prepare the necessary work to have my sister, who was incapacitated and undernourished, hospitalized, but they did so at a time when our city’s hospitals had limited beds.

The Mir team did not give up!  They found an appropriate hospital in a nearby city, arranged for her admittance, transportation, and subsequent placement for her to remain in residence nearby, as she heals properly from her traumatic event.  Lina demonstrated great compassion and diligence in dealing with this emergency.  My gratitude to her is immense.  My sister is out of danger now. I’m able to come to terms better informed for the next step in her care.”

“Just wanted to say thanks for the professional services you helped me with. Your level of detail and response to my needs was of great help.  You and the firm are in my contact list for life. ”
Blessing to you all,

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done, you all were life savers during the stressful transitions over the last six months.  We appreciate you and your team more than words can express.”

“Thank you for being there for us even though we didn’t use your services. Please know that I am extremely grateful for your insights and the comfort you brought my family knowing that we had you on our side if we needed your services.”

“Thank you Lina.  I really appreciate everything you, your team and what Kristin have done for us this year.  It’s been the toughest year I’ve ever had and I don’t think I could have made it to where we are now without y’all.  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”


“You were a great resource and friend when all this began.  Thanks for listening to us, giving us feedback and guidance.  If I can ever be of help to you, please feel free to ask.
   Son and daughter when moving Mom during the pandemic

“Mir has meant a great deal to me because I am located nearly two thousand miles away from Corpus Christi and am not able to be there all the time.  The staff at Mir has done a very professional job of monitoring my mother’s health and alerting when problems arise.  They have carried out my instructions faithfully. I am confident that my mother’s health is being taken care of.”