LGBTQ+ Elders

Mir understands that the LGBTQ+ community has been underserved when it comes to senior care. Sadly, it is common for senior care management to overlook these individuals, or worse, discriminate against them. This gap in senior care management is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing a competent, friendly, and respectful staff that serve as allies for the LGBTQ+ community. We understand that every individual has worth and dignity and believe that receiving quality care for your loved one should be something that is expected, not merely hoped for.

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Everyone Deserves Care

Here at Mir Senior Care Management & Care Consultants (Mir), we value all of our clients and desire to provide sensitive and respectful care that meets each individual’s needs. We strive to understand and support client preferences by seeking to provide quality care management customized to all lifestyles. MIR is proud to offer personalized services that address the specific needs of all sexual orientations, including LGBTQ+ individuals.

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Affirming Care

Affirming Identity at Mir Senior Care & Care Consultants, Inc. 

Our caregivers are aware of and sensitive to the adverse experiences some clients may have faced and desire to respect and affirm the identity of each one of them. We do not force our clients to disclose gender identity and sexual orientation. If necessary, to better serve the client, clients will be able to disclose information in a safe, confidential manner.

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Trained and Caring Staff

Having informed staff helps better serve our clients by providing person-centered care. This care can include things such as: who the client considers family, and awareness of healthcare needs for transgender individuals.


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